Work package III

Study of physico-chemical parameters including

  • The development of analytical methods for the quantitative determination of model migrants in the selected foodstuffs and to establish the experimental design for the kinetical migration measurements.
  • Kinetical migration studies from plastic films into foods to establish physico-chemical parameters as well as to generate from the results a better understanding of the mechanisms and physico-chemical food properties which influence mass transport processes of packaging constituents into and within foodstuffs.
  • Transport and partitioning processes of model migrants into and within foods.

The aim is to measure time dependent concentration profiles of model migrants in the food along the migration direction from the source into the inner food compartments.

Work package IV

Physico-chemical food specifications

The knowledge of physico-chemical food properties of foodstuffs is essential since it is the aim with the migration model to establish a correlation between the migrational key parameters diffusion coefficients and partition coefficients of the selected model migrants and food categories specified by physico-chemical properties. In this way a basis for a representative and a general applicability of the model can be generated.

Definition and selection of test materials, model chemicals and foodstuffs

Multidisciplinary/ interactive evaluation and implementation work