Work Package I

  • Selection of plastics reference films
  • Selection of model chemicals as migrants

Within the project “Specific Migration” as a starting point a target list of 16 plastics spiked with given migrants has already been established. Additional materials may be included in close collaboration with the EU Commission. Also recycled and biodegradable materials may be considered.
A list of 5 reference plastics as well as 15 model migrants of different chemical structures, polarities and molecular masses will be scientifically selected on the basis of diffusion theory aspects relevant for migration modelling.

Work Package II

  • Physico-chemical classification
  • Consumptional and market related classification

Harmonisation into a final selection of foods

The following food parameters need to be studied:

  • chemical composition of foods such as lipid, fat free content, pH value, concentration of acids, concentration of ethanol
  • underlying disperse food systems such as suspension, emulsion, paste, foam, powder, disperse solid or gel type.

Classifying as well as establishing a list of foodstuffs and food groups, the following products will be included:

  • Fruits and vegetables Processed forms versus fresh forms
  • Meats and cereals because of their importance from a packaging standpoint
  • Consumption of carbonated drinks
  • Frozen food sector
  • Category specific consumption (geographical, sozio-economic, age group or risk related)
  • Dairy products
  • Confectionary (a greater fatty content may have an impact in terms of migration)
  • Frozen food sector
  • Convenience foods will also be included taking active care of multi-ingredient dishes.


In the end a harmonisation of food lists will be necessary to end up with one representative list which fulfils the best the purpose of the project idea which is to model migration into foodstuffs for exposure estimates as broad and general as possible.

Comprehensive core research work

Multidisciplinary/ interactive evaluation and implementation work