Work package V

Development, verification and validation of the migration model

On the basis of the diffusion and partitioning behaviour of contaminants into various foodstuffs it should be possible to build up a matrix with the diffusion coefficients on the one side and the partitioning coefficients on the other side which gives a limited number of well defined representative food categories to which migration modelling will be applied.

Verification and validation will be achieved to two different ways by including worst case scenarios:

1) One way is to compare literature published migration values in foodstuffs with calculated ones.

2) The other way is to carry out additional migration tests into foodstuffs and compare those results with calculated ones.

The intenion is to have a migration model available which will allow to calculate migration values into foodstuffs with a sufficient safety margin which means giving an overestimation in at least 95% of the cases. Furthermore a matrix will be established, where the migrational key parameters diffusion coefficients and partition coefficients are correlated with a number of representative food categories which in turn are specified by the physico-chemical food properties. This will be the basis for a representative and general applicability of the validated model.

Work package VI

Demonstration of representativeness, workability and applicability of the migration model for exposure estimations

It is of great importance to demonstrate the workability and reliability of the modelling approach, by comparing it with other estimates of exposure made by other independent routes as well as to link the project with exposure research groups and investigate the feasibility of making the migration model compatible and linkable with computer programs.

Work package VII

Investigation of consumer attitude towards migration modelling

Since mathematical migration modelling is a tool of increasing importance, an investigation into the attitude of the consumer towards such an approach and the perception of the results and evaluations is of highest interest. For this reason the social acceptance of migration modelling versus chemical measurements will be investigated by carrying out a consumer questionnaire and involvement of consumer protection representatives.

Definition and selection of test materials, model chemicals and foodstuffs

Comprehensive core research work